"You two can truly get a message across in a very inspiring way that balances your knowledge with great science skills. I am a trained Medical Doctor and I have a critical mind, but I was very impressed and I am happy that my wife persuaded me to come and listen. Without a doubt one of the best talks I have ever heard."

Peter Eriksson, Medical Doctor

"I'm only 20 years old and have over the past year had a very tough time with no desire to do anything. I have lost my belief and spark in life and have no faith in the future. I truly, from the bottom of my heart wish to thank you for what you give. I was attending your seminar, and now I feel so much better. I now understand things no-one has told me before. I will certainly recommend all my friends to listen to you."


"I, as a civil engineer, have a mechanical scientific outlook on life and I really want to thank you for a fantastic presentation. Your combined knowledge is truly unique and I think everyone should hear you. What you two are doing is very skilful and inspiring."

Tomas Lagerkvist, Civil Engineer

"What a performance! What a show! We simply did not want it to end! You two are amazing! We wanted more and more. I was at your event with my husband and that same evening we started talking to each other in a completely new way. Our discussion was fresh, now we will not waste a single day, but instead live with purpose and vision. Next event we will bring our two children. Thank you so much!"

Marianne Svantesson

"Very knowledgeable! What a performance! What a magical day! If you have not listened before - do it! All the knowledge is scientifically grounded, making the show a delight. It was worth the trip to Gothenburg."

Peter Johansson, Doctor, Stockholm

"The absolute best thing I've heard! Jorgen Tranberg is extremely competent! He can present advanced knowledge in a very understandable way. The first time I laughed, cried and sat completely captivated by a whole lecture. Never thought I would be able to enjoy a whole day but I wished it would never end."

Johanna Berg, IT Consultant, Gothenburg

"I was with my husband, our three children and we were completely taken by this performance. A wisdom I have rarely seen. Our family got to experience a performance that brought us closer together. We will go to all of the lectures offered in the same theme."

Tina Jansson with family, Volvo Cars, Gothenburg

’The Connected Universe’ Talk
Scala Theatre April 16 2018, at 5-9.30 pm
Creating a Life in Global Compassion
We are very happy to share the information about our cooperation with Nassim Haramein and Resonance Science Foundation. We look forward to create an exchange of seminars, meetings and information about the subjects we have in common: Cosmos, the interconnectedness and how humanity is affected by and interact with the Universe.
Nassim Haramein will also be our guest at our Event on 19-22 October 2017, Connecting Universes - Creating a Life in Global Compassion at Hotel Tylösand in Halmstad, Sweden. This is his first visit to Sweden and Scandinavia and during this seminar he will share his ground breaking theories and knowledge about how we are all connected through a fundamental geometry of space.