The purpose of our talks is to inspire the audience to explore and understand the connection between the micro and macro cosmos. We hope to portray to the audience a sense of purpose and meaningfulness in life, through believing in a higher mission. To get there, we as humans need to follow our vision and bliss.


In our talks, we take the listener on a journey, from the first signs of energy and materia, to our days, showing different theories to guide the listener into understanding the structure of evolution and what possibly could be the end of the universe. We cover areas such as matter, energy, time and space and its conscious intelligence.


We also present the structure of the human body and our cellular system. We begin at conception, the embryology phase all the way to the present time to see what messages we can unveil through studying the human body. We give the audience the opportunity to discover themselves, their conscious mind and their inner truth. We also show the audience how patterns in our bodily materia is organized and how it relates to one another.


We tie these two perspectives of micro and macro together, with the resonance of a connected synergy with materia and astronomy teachings. We also present relativity physics, quantum physics, cosmology and mathematical thoughts in an easy-to-understand manner. We also use explanatory models through biochemistry, biology, neuropsychology and philosophical thoughts so that the audience come to understand the connection between the universe and our biological system.

Science is the poetry of reality.

Inner connection with the ouside field.

’The Connected Universe’ Talk
Scala Theatre April 16 2018, at 5-9.30 pm
Creating a Life in Global Compassion
We are very happy to share the information about our cooperation with Nassim Haramein and Resonance Science Foundation. We look forward to create an exchange of seminars, meetings and information about the subjects we have in common: Cosmos, the interconnectedness and how humanity is affected by and interact with the Universe.
Nassim Haramein will also be our guest at our Event on 19-22 October 2017, Connecting Universes - Creating a Life in Global Compassion at Hotel Tylösand in Halmstad, Sweden. This is his first visit to Sweden and Scandinavia and during this seminar he will share his ground breaking theories and knowledge about how we are all connected through a fundamental geometry of space.