Consciousness, galaxies and our sustainable life in compassion

Maria Carolina Tranberg Brühl and Jörgen Tranberg give talks on micro- and macrocosmos. To explore the Universe is to try to understand ourselves. We all have the universal elements and knowledge within us, available to all of us. We simply need to realize this to make it possible to develop and grow as human beings. Maria Carolina and Jörgen will now take their unique combined knowledge of science, the Universe and the human body and present it to the world. This will change the way you view yourself, your life and your surroundings forever.

Please join them on their world tour!

A film about Connecting Universes

We wish to contribute to positive change and development at all levels, starting with the individual. We want to create a planet in balance where human beings can exist in harmony with all living things.

Today humans have a new and a historically unique opportunity to acquire knowledge, old as well as new. It means that there is a greater potential for conscious change – because change is based on greater access to information.

In our talks, theory is supported by practical examples and scientific evidence which creates opportunities for personal insight. We wish to build bridges between science, theology, astronomy and philosophy, completely in tune with our time.

These talks will hopefully awaken the conscious ability in each listener and deepen, broaden and transform human awareness.

The individual is always stronger in a group context where the experience-based information is the foundation for people to change.

Our goal is to present the opportunity for a communal transformation of consciousness.

’The Connected Universe’ Talk
Scala Theatre April 16 2018, at 5-9.30 pm
Creating a Life in Global Compassion
We are very happy to share the information about our cooperation with Nassim Haramein and Resonance Science Foundation. We look forward to create an exchange of seminars, meetings and information about the subjects we have in common: Cosmos, the interconnectedness and how humanity is affected by and interact with the Universe.
Nassim Haramein will also be our guest at our Event on 19-22 October 2017, Connecting Universes - Creating a Life in Global Compassion at Hotel Tylösand in Halmstad, Sweden. This is his first visit to Sweden and Scandinavia and during this seminar he will share his ground breaking theories and knowledge about how we are all connected through a fundamental geometry of space.